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Fool IV - text


I am on the outside in the mist of my mind
I dug for truth and didn't like what i found
I have gone totally insane
A mad man in the crimson rain

Save me, save me
Save me, save me

I cannot move
I hardly breath
I am locked in a narcotic sleep
Unable to open my eyes i recognize my coma
Panic is rising
Fear is multiplying

Is this the end of my story
Or just another painful chapter of my lunatic life
It was so foolish to believe
I would be more than just another tool of evil

I remember the girl
I still hear her screams
I recall the whore
I meet her in my dreams
The master of all evil
The voice inside my head
Transformed me to pure agression

Save me, save me

In a wicked illusion when i felt disgrace
I have found great dillusion
Nocturnal ghosts decieved me
Darkness is closing in on me
Black is all that i can see
Black is all that i can feel

I'm insane, i'm insane

The ghosts of doom are calling me
Hands of death are crapping me
My lifeblood is freezing
My heart stops pounding
May i find salvation
Death would be salvation

I open my eyes
I lay in a coffin
How can they bury me
I'm still alive

Soil is falling the pressure grows
I start screaming but nobody knows
The oxigen's fading
The air's getting thin
Constantly screaming
I'm dying within

(chorus 2)

(chorus 1)

I'm just a fool
I can't escape
The harm's i've caused you
I'm just a fool
You buried me
But i was just a tool

Help me out
Let me out of this grave
Help me, help me
I am still alive

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