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Talking to Silence - text

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As I lay floating inside my mind's corners it comes to me
Darkness it falls when you least would forsee it,
upon your soul
On think again what you think is for real
Maybe in silence *that* happiness is...
Took us in our darkest hour, brought us down with it
Trapped in an eclipse of sense, oh I should have seen
All with freedom in our minds, yet we were it's slaves
Found such peace, still it was a constant war
Talking to silence
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Talking to silence
There's no point, no journeys end,
not going anywhere
Just found ourselves under the spell,
no end of it I see
All with vengeance in our minds,
yet no one there to blame
Destination there but there's no roads to take
(Chorus) x2
(Chorus) x2
As I lay floating inside my mind's corners..

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