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Who Is In Your Heart Now? - text


Have you ever heard a calling
But you don't know where the sound is coming from?
Sometimes love
Is talking in a whisper

Do you ever feel like falling
For someone you never thought of falling for?
But without him
Though you move you're getting no-where

Tell me
Who is in your heart now
When Leonard Cohen is singing "Hallelujah"?
Who is in your heart now?
All your friends and foes they thought they knew ya
But look who's in your heart now
You scared yourself
you are all of a doodah

Oh you gotta hold on to love
Oh you'd better hold on to love

Have you ever found something
That you didn't even know you're looking for?
An answer
Though you didn't hear the question

When the plain is shaking violently
You wonder will the sky change into heaven
And if all fails
Who is in your last thought then?

Text přidala NikkiCoffee

Video přidala NikkiCoffee

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