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Nobody really thinks about you when you're no no no
No kind memories linger on
In fact far better to get up and go out in the morning
You know, choose another funky downtown cholo vest
Going out in the morning

And there's somebody making sandwiches in the deli
And you're wondering to yourself how many pickles can you put in
Is it really really really so bad
Ihe intellectual daft that you dug
That you wanna let it call yourself in
That's what I said
And even the screaming monsters with the armband and the studs
Gonna rock down in Anaheim
You know something, they don't take it so seriously
They just wanna get home with their mom and kids at dinnertime

Because nobody really thinks about you when you're gone
Sing it out !!!
Nobody really really really thinks about you when you're gone
Oh no no no kind memories linger on

You know precious precious precious
Yeah, there's those things to do, things to be putting on
Shows to see, pictures to buy
Pictures of gorillas coming on down those buildings in the sky
Hey yeah, I'm talking, I get out there
Now talking Lebanese in the morning with the taxi man
He's got some kind of Esperanto on the go
Holy Moses give me a ???????
I can't explain something real complicated
Find a two way car intersection
It's just a place to go
Hombre Se'or ... just remember that!!

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Singly + dema + rarity

Joe Strummer texty

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