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Clockwork (ft. Alex Erian of Despised Icon an.. - text


It happens everytime, we emphasize
"Don't let this time pass you by." God damn
Everyone in this fucking place. We tried
To care, but you were never there on
Time. Keep that in mind when you're
Running circles left and right. God damn
Everyone in this place, because I hate
Everything. I've been face-toface with
The times. Good luck to everyone in this
Fucking place and god damn everyone in
This fucked up place. God damn everyone
In this place, because I hate everything.
I've been dying to hear your thoughts on
Our infatuation with sound. If you see it
As a burden then sit the fuck down, so set
The stopwatch to the beat of your dead
Heart and watch us run right past you.
You know we'll outlast you, because
We're always fucking first place. Well
You might as well spit in my fucking face.
It's insulting enough you couldn't trust
Us. You still stutter when we're face to
Face or alone. We're always fucking
First place. How does it feel to stare at
Each falling grain of sand? How does it
Feel to cound them down? All by
Yourself, we tried to reset the clocks. So
You can fuck yourself.

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