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Our lives don't look so discouraging but
The view gets worse without the ties
That keep one sane. Just a few days drive
Away and if they back out now they
Weren't there to begin with. It's amazing
How much people change. You can think
What you want but we're always gonna
Be the same. We'll never apologize, cause
You were never on our side. How can you
All look at me the same way? It's safe to
Say your hearts are in the wrong place.
Let's be honest cause honestly, Not
Everything is so damn hard to believe. So
Stop talking, your words just get in the
Way. Your hearts are in the wrong place.
Trust me when I say, we don't miss the
Constant bullshit you left at our door
Step, or the lack of scenery. I guess life
Built us differently. How can you all
Look at me the same way? Your hearts
Are in the wrong place. So while wandering
Through the labyrinth in my head, I
Found peace of mind in giving up on all
The ones who left. And we won't miss the
Arguments, we won't miss the constant
Stress. we won't miss the constant
Bullshit you left at a door step. We're
The ones you love to hate, we're the ones
Who stay awake and treat themselves so
Commonly to the smoke and the scenery.
And you'll never escape. You'll
Never escape burning bridges, digging your own
Grave. And you'll never escape, you'll
Never escape. Your hearts are in the
Wrong place. Shut up, we still don't give
A fuck. no one ever did. We've grown so
Sick of it. What have you done with your
Life? Still can't contend with this. good
Luck champ, go break a fucking leg.

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