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[Professor Robert Carr]
"It is known throughout the academic world, the medical world, it is known throughout the Air Force, and above all it is known throughout the CIA, that the Air Intelligence at Wright Patterson Field has in its possession a spacecraft. The transparent plastic dome that covered the cockpit. And because of this accident in space, the twelve small human beings died suddenly of decompression, in the purely mortal way that our...that the Russian astronauts perished last year. They were not shot down by our fighter planes, they suffered an operational loss"
"However, in this particular case, it was very fortunate that our alert radar net in the western states had the UFO on its screen. In fact, three radar stations were tracking an unidentified object at immense altitude and traveling at unbelievable speed when it stopped ...fluttered...went out of control...and fell, circling toward the earth"

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