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Find yourself a man--
You're demented.
Find yourself a man--
That's just what I need.
You'll see what a difference it makes ev'ry day.
Send me a letter,
You'll write me a resume
Just take me and Dave--
Romeo and Juliet--
Dave is still her slave.
Send the slave my regards!
Open your heart and from out of the skies
A prince on a horse will materialize.
Boy, is some lucky prince
Gonna get a surprise!
Find a man!
Find yourself a man,
I repeat it, Rose.
Find myself a man.
You're defeated, Rose.
I'll hang a sign out,
Big letters that high,
Come in and sample
You don't have to buy.
Hear a voice talk back.
I hear voices now.
Money you don't lack--
Why, you've been countin'?
Just what I need is a middle-aged sheik
Whose uppers and lowers
Will click when he'll speak,
And life is a song 'cause he'll click and I'll creak.
Find a man.
The man that you select--
What about him?
Must treat you with respect.
That's important.
He must understand there
Are rules to obey,
Not toy with your morals
And lead you astray.
Please, darling, let the man do things his way.
Mrs. Strakosh and
Find a man--
I'm a grandmother!
Find a man--
You got somebody in mind?
Find yourself
A man.

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