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Christopher Reeves Just Rolled In From Montan.. - text


With each passing day I lose myself
More to the threat of foreshadowing Global chaos.
Greed, Corruption, Globalization.
These are the roots of this new era.
From the greed of a few many will suffer.
A money hungry land lord sits with his family
Celebrating their new found profit.
As a mother and child shiver in the cold
Because they couldn't pay the rent.
Through the tears of the masses
a revolution will be justified.
A revolution for the people, by the people
As a people, we must fight back.
In order to survive,
In order to save everything and everyone we hold dear
For this is God's will on us
He built a world
And we'll watch it burn.

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  • Celý název je - (Christopher Reeves Just Rolled In From Montana And Boy Is His Battery Tired) (LimeCZ)
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