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A Not So Modern Parasite - text


Honesty has no
Clothing preference
And fashions are serpents
Favorite skin
We've found an inviting spot
Upon this sinking soil
And we are longing for a moment of sincerity
And yet you disseminate your trite
And mind your profit margin
We know just what you're after
Fashioned sheet of glass
Obvious in your intentions*
Are we your favorite assists?
Can't you see it, it's right in front of you?
You are the death that comes to kill the true
Never put prestige before your passions
We'll unveil the venom
If only shallowness was a deformity
You'd never show your fucking face around here again
Prefabricated poison under a musical guide
Is your heart for public observation?
Or a vehicle for material aspirations
Unfortunately words waste ink more
Than they impress in minds
One day the world might just give you the stage
And what would you have to offer
I fear not very much at all
I fear not much at all
Please don't waste our time

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