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No one to help me
How bad I really felt
I suffered
You tried to save yourself
I'm not in my coffin you won't carry me
The ground on which I walk you try to bury
I wait ever so patiently fir the day when you go astray
It's my place that you will take
And your fate will be cast away
And I know exactly where I'm at and I'm not looking back
When everything is black
Let the brightness of day help me find my way
No one to show me
Nothing is clear
Disillusion enclosed in fear
Your mind games are so state of the art
But I won't be broken down and used for parts
Inside your machine
Inside so unclean
Behind the smokescreen
Who's there?
Come out from the shadows
Left drowning beneath the waves
We all can't be saved but I won't be left here to disappear
Cause I followed you
Gave up all I knew
Lost my pride left to die but I will
I will survive
Who's there

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Transparency EP


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