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Inside I'm broken where you can't see through,
I'm to scared to face the truth,
I can't justify the breakdown...
When I needed you, you were nowhere to be found
I stand beside myself with heartache and agony, because you never really cared for me!
Why should I hold on? Now that your gone, but if I let go I'm afraid, afraid to to be alone.
What fate or ill-will has brought us here?
You used me and I should of stayed clear,
What fate or ill-will has brought us here?
The choices that you made everyone had something to say (don't be so quick to push me away)
Just know that if you do, you will regret someday reasons that I cannot explain
You made no promises, I can't get over this.
I feel abandoned left here I'm stranded.
I'll never understand it, because I never planned it, you are so underhanded
What does this all mean?
I was hoping that maybe someday you'd grow to love me
I could burn in your arms, I could never do you any harm
What fate or ill-will has brought you here? [3x]

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