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Among The Last Moments - text


I can't hear you!
Where were you in my darkest hour? God grant me the strength, the power!

I am everything that you've taken from me, leaving me drained, leaving me weak.

Everyday is my dying day.
Killing me more than I can say.
This void must be sealed, cover scars that never heal, numb the senses so that I can't feel...
I pray that I wake up and none of this is real (pray that I wake up)

Never have I felt more pathetic, you just don't get it.
Never have I felt this sick
This is tragic.
Never have I wanted to die, when words won't clarify, god knows I've tried!


Lying half awake (trying to escape) when will the pain end.
My eyes are open but I cannot see.
Can you hear me? Can you see me? [2x]
Even among the last moments it never relents [2x]

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