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Many years I've sailed on the seas
And never once I've felt any fear
When I go into battle I fight to the death
For what I've done I have no regrets
And if I should be defeated and die
I hope I have proved my courage and might
And that I'll be welcomed to the kingdom above
Were the rainbow meets the sky
Because I know the story will go on
In our world and in the unknown
And I know the story that I've told
Will be here after I'm gone
The rules of my gods, I've always kept strong
The honour of battle, the power of steel
To fight without doubts, and never give in
Then my soul will always win
That's why I don't fear my end
Because if I die then my journey begins
To the place were the mightiest warriors shall gather
And answer to all the gods
Because I know...
Oh, just let it be true,
let me come to you
Show me that the legend is true,
and I'll surrender my steel to you
Because I know...

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