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There came the word they were waiting for
Their warlord was screaming ATTACK!
Hungry for battle and enemy blood
They would never stop
So fire your bows while you still got the time
Kill as many as you can
Reduce the number of enemy troops
As they run towards you
You know this time you have to stand
There is no turning back
So gather the strength you received from the powers above
Now Kira is attacked by the enemy lord
Deadly combat with sword
And the power of the dwarf's double axe
It spreads fear among the trolls
The sorcerer is casting a ghastly spell aiming towards the goblin
And Siam strikes a deadly blow tearing the head of a troll
The battle rages furiously
And neither side will give in
So the chosen one gives a silent prayer to the gods
Give me the strength to be victorious
Give me the strength I need to live through this day
Give me the strength to be victorious
Give me the strength to fight for me and my friends
In the dark the screams of wounded soldiers fills the forest
And the smell of death spreads the air
Is it over, did they win, no one knows the answer
They have to wait until the sunrise
Hours of fear!
Give me the strength...

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