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A Passage through the Mountain - text

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Deep in the mountain in darkness and stones
Their kingdom lies there unknown
Where it's been safe from the dangers and wars
No evil can come through their doors
Oh, they promised to help us all
They would guide our way
To the end of our goal
So into the dark, on paths no one knows
He guides our way through the dangers
Beware of your steps, one fault can bring death
And all your work in vain
So follow his steps because he knows the way
That leads us safe through the shadows
So don't hesitate, just do as he says
And we all will be safe in the end
Many hours has gone since we left
In darkness, it feels like a year
But he gives us courage and strength to move on
Don't worry, well make it you'll see
Oh, this road just seems so long
But we all came this far, and we will not stop now
So into the dark...
So into the dark...

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