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History (Acoustic Version) - text


You can call me crazy
But when I close my eyes
I can see it clearly
I can see the shinning lights

I'm gonna take these dreams and make them real
I’m gonna tell the world just how I feel
I’m gonna climb these walls or tear them down
I’m gonna bury these fears in the ground

I’m gonna soar
I'm gonna fly
I'm gonna show what I'm made of
I'm gonna push
Not gonna hide
Because there's nothing I'm afraid of
I'm gonna make history

You can call me crazy
Or say I've lost my mind
I wont let that phase me
I wont give up this time

I wanna rise up high above the rest
Because I just won’t just settle for second best
And if it breaks my bones and beats me down
I’m gonna get back off the ground

I'll give up everything to follow my heart
I won’t let anything tear me apart
I'll give up everything

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