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Zero to Rage - text

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(Verse 1)
The guilt, the pain, the shame,
Of what I've now become,
It's not a game, it's affecting everyone,
The time, I wast, is gone and won't return,
And now, I taste the darkness of concern
The mess, I made, my own a father's sin,
A test, I failed, a new life will begin,
To build, to win, I left it all behind,
To think, that I could ever be so blind,
Or change my mind
I will turn another page,
I will turn another zero into rage,
I've been burned at every stage,
I will turn another zero into rage
(Verse 2)
The lies, the tales, the way,
It comes out in the end,
The hand, the heart, the truth I tired to bend,
The bond, between, will have to understand,
But time, will tell, and I'll do the best I can
The strength, I gained
From what I have ahead,
The words, I meant, in everything I said,
Too much, too late, I'm taking what is mine,
To think, that I, could ever be so blind,
Or change my mind
(Repeat Chorus)
What you want, the price you pay,
Learn to fight r run away,
My time has come,
What you need, what they say,
Time to make a choice today,
My time has come,
Should I go, should I stay,
There really is no other way,
My time has come
(Repeat Chorus)

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Zero to Rage


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