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You're Not the Same - text


First it seemed a cruel choice
No one could ever make
Nothing here is ever what it seems
Restricted to unusual toys
Viewed as God's mistake
Not much chance of living normal dreams

What one person sees as lost
Another sees as fate

Time to leave normality behind
No one counting up the cost
No one feeling hate
At last you feel you're here with your own kind

Home. at last here with friends
Never be alone, your path never ends

You're not the same. no more need for hiding
You're not insane, release the pain inside
Left there on your own
To live and breathe and die alone
You're not the same, no more need for hiding
No more walls confining
No more anger rising
No more walls confining you

What one person sees as bad
Another sees too late
What you need is someone helping you
Take away the pain you had
The pain that made you hate
Now you're changing into something new

It was always there inside
You kept it locked away
One man had the necessary key
Run to him with open arms
He's not here every day
Don't look back, there's nothing left to see

Time to leave your little chair behind
Leave the teddy bear with one eye blind
Different music playing in your ears
The music box that captured all your fears

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