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This Is Our Victory - text

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(Verse 1)
Too long have I stood and watched,
These fences closing in,
What was once a nation,
Sees a new regime begin,
Promise after promise,
Turned to lie after lie,
The torture and the greed,
Enough to make my Father cry,
All our Gods have fallen,
Everything we once believed,
Destroyed as guns explode, So long ago
But I've too much pride,
Too much hate inside,
One last war to fight this is our way
Fighting side by side (time to die)
With my brothers into battle I will ride,
This is our victory,
It's time to die (side by side)
With our spirits flying high across the sky,
This is our victory
(Verse 2)
Watchmen of a culture,
So impossible to find,
Convince the young and able,
That they're poisoning their minds,
Drowning from the strength,
Our fathers showed in wars gone by,
Show the unbelievers,
That our warpaint isn't dry,
All who died before me,
Fought to live and breath as free men,
In a changing world, a changing world
(Repeat Bridge)
(Repeat Chorus)
No battle lines, no final signs,
Just bravery returning, like the golden times
Into the black, no turning black,
1000 men preparing for a last attack
(Repeat Chorus)

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