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The Memory Never Dies - text

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(Verse 1)
Walking through these gates
again to be with you,
Even though I know I've been
away too long,
Forty days and nights I've spent
to see it through,
Maybe now the change will help me
carry on
Even through the years go by it
seems like yesterday,
Heart of gold, your patience never weary,
Many said I needed time
while others walked away,
Challenge always there,
you never feared it
Now I'll never forget,
My hopes like autumn leaves are dead,
And I live to regret
That sorrow in your eyes,
No I'll never forget,
The lies and the pain I put you through,
And I live with regret,
And the memory never dies
(Verse 2)
I can't sleep at night,
don't you think I ever will,
Hard to turn the light off with this
lasting fear,
Nightmares bring the suffering that
haunts me still,
Silence in the darkness,
minutes disappear
Repeat Bridge
Repeat Chorus
Repat Chorus (X2)

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