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Raise the Knife - text


Close your eyes. your time has come
You'll wake up in a while
Count with me. don't fight the sleep
A lost and lonely child
You lived with body breaking
Left alone there in the cold
Then the methods of my madness
Will repair your dying soul
A life thrown in a corner
Left forgotten in your cell
With Bathsheba's help I found you
Time to rescue you from Hell

Raise the knife, you've made it
Afterlife is fading, raise the knife
Created, reborn to breathe again
Raise the knife. my learning
Afterlife returning. raise the knife
No hurting. reborn to call my name

Free from pain, you've no more fear
A new subconscious mind
Alive again, the end is near
For those who left you blind
A fresh relief is dawning
When you wake your eyes will see
The footsteps you'll be taking
Will be guiding you to me
A little while to focus
Feel the energy within
Bathsheba's help you're learning
And your vengeance can begin

Here within the tower
Here within these walls
Here you'll feel your power
Here the curtain falls
There's a hate that's stirring
There's a memory
There's a thought recurring
There's a destiny

I'm no longer blinded, I'm no longer scared
I don't need reminded, I don't need to care
I've a new religion, I've a new belief
I will find religion, I will find relief

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