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Born of the Damned - text


Every time I close my eyes
A part of you grows strong
A part of me begins to die
A part that's never wrong
It's all clearer now
You can breathe somehow
I don't know when I arrived
That part isn't clear
Here within this place I thrive
Somewhere that I hold dear
I have all you need, on my mind you'll feed
Your desires and greed
They're my cross to bear

I return. you will burn. I return

Rainy nights can hide so much
Tracks cannot be found
First I found myself afraid
Then I settled down
Clearly I had fooled myself
Then my path was clear
All my guilt redeemed itself
Nothing left to fear

I return. you will burn. I return

Born of the Damned, born in a grave
Born to command, born to enslave

I return. you will burn. I return

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