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Aaron the Prince, the chosen one
And Arleen she's the last Elb in the sun
They strolled about there in Radon
In the ancient park of Tanalon
And Aaron spoke: My love is deep
But now my time has come, my love don't weep
Just as the nature in fall must fade
Now I feel my life will blow away
My love hold on for the deed must be done
You know that some time this day it must come
Through the times, through the joy and the cries
We lived in love but my fate's on the rise
Unmortal life, though beautiful
Unmortal your pain it won't leave your soul
A choice was yours, a choice for me
My heart cries for you, though I must leave
Arleen the light of Senthart
Sadness fades her heart
Though wise from many a life
This pain she can not describe
For all this fight you were forseen
Fight with your dignity, don't go from me
I'm begging you, please don't go alone
Words from Arleen he then spoke his own
All mortal life, soon lose the fight

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