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Strangers from the Sea - text


It all began in the year of 793... in the
Lindisfarne monestry thought men they
Were free

No warnings, no callings
Before these evil time
No castles, no harbours
Could save our children's land
Ooh God, protect us!
From strangers of the sea!
Barbarians from the north
Conquer our promised land!

A cold mist suddenly came
Before the attack
Eyes filled with tears
Dark Sadness
Its blood on those stones

The attack was heard
All over the world
Mighty dragon ships entered their land!

No warnings, no callings
Before those evil times
No castles, no soldiers
Could save their promised land

They thought theywere save
Behind their walls
But no life was saved

Mighty warriors
With swords in their hands
Took their relics of gold

The attack was heared
All over the world
Mighty Dragonships entered their land

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