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Assassin of Honour - text


She's got the biggest brown Pocahontas eyes
Ripping my Soul with sorrows when she cries
Knows what she want's
She's out for my Love but she can't get it out
Of her Heart (in Shalah!)

Dreaming a Dream
Exploring her life for Real
For the Warlord her masters starts to Kneel
Running in circles
Trapped in a cage
Searching the code to her Soul

(And she's Flying) away on her Dream
Of Tomorrow
Shattered by silly traditions & Prophets
Of Lies

(Run) She 's running for Freedom
Don't turn around cause you're chased by
(Run) Seaking your Passion
Risking her life
For assassin of Honour!

She's at the crossroad
Don't know how to choose
Pride or Love
Whatever she will lose
Trapped in darkness
Far from the Light
Searching the Strength to breakout

(And they're trying) to kill all her dreams
of tomorrow
Protecting, detecting they watch
every step she takes

No red Roses on white lace
And evil sin
Makes him wonder where she's been?

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