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Those upon the Pyre - text


Thunder God has spoken:
"With these mortal hands...
I will forge among the gems of the Olympian Crown the brightest jewel!"

My comrades hail me as a king,
Anchises’s worthy heir!
The one who shall fulfil
The prophecy that made us bear... the torments!

Lone I’m standing on this foreign ground
As they worship the remains
Whose fame makes my shadow larger, and my heart sink.

Spirits lost in fire, rise up!
Take a look at our pain
And behold the pride... of your offspring!

We belong to those upon the pyre!
All for them, all for those laid on the fire!

When silence reigns,
Just before the dawn
We can hear their call!

“La progenie di Iulo cantiamo,
che estenderà il dominio sino alle terre
distese oltre le stelle,
dove eterno Atlante la celeste volta regge”
[English translation:
“The offspring of Iulo we sing,
that will lead the kingdom to the lands
laid beyond the stars,
where Atlas carries the heavens eternally”]

Far away from home we roam,
Covered with the long,
Heavy shades of the forefathers!
We feel... of centuries the weight!
Our destinies... every single one of them now belongs
To those upon the pyre!
All for those laid on the fire!

When the rays of a future sun...
Will shine over a thousand domes...

When all these old wounds will hurt no more...
(When the Warbringer will rest!)
In the flame you will find us all!
(You’ll find us all... into the pyre!)

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