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Of Knights and Men - text


The knights in shining armour
Are ready for the fight
On the quest for maids of honour
We're riding through the night

The wise, the brave, the pure, the black
Every peril's driven back

We're travelling at through the land
With a mission - on gods command
We even cross the bridge of death
On the way to save the world

On the everlasting quest for the holy grail
Against almost every threat we will prevail
Just before the sacred chalice comes within our reach
The strong arm of the law cuts our retreat

Ready yet to take our heels
Before the storm breaks loose
No matter what's the question
We know the answer we should choose

Some men are frightened of rabbits
But no cowardice will be shown
Counting from one to three
And the holy grenade will be thrown
And although the French wind us a lot
We live and fight - for Camelot

Text přidal paja65

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