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Hell (Is What You Make of It) - text


Thousands beg for food and water
That's no concern of mine
I'm so tired of this laments
Poverty should be a crime
They live from hand to mouth
But yet complain of their distress
That's no reason to raise hell
Millions even cope with less

Far beyond the economy the state has to be strong
High above the equal rights, there were we belong

I'm the light
I blaze the trail to your demise
I'm your guide
The piper leading you to suicide

From above my ivory tower - I smile
And keep them all in line
Someone always has it worse
Just climb down and stop to whine
Their best endeavor can't be enough
While my wealth is always growing
They say: "Don't you even dare!"
But why should I really care?!

Text přidal paja65

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