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Among the Blind - text


Like sirens with enchanting songs
Bewitching disoriented minds
Devious architects about
To leave humanity behind
Surrounded by illusions
Profuse in promises
Society surrenders
To the restless parasite

Prophets of doom
To the slaughter lead the lambs
Prophets of gloom
Raise their iron hands

Impalpable intimations
Insidious changes happening
For those who try to move
Appear the shackles 'round their feet
For every cancer that is healed
A wealth of new ones prosper
An everlasting fight
Against the Hydra and her heads

Among the deaf
The loudest cry for help remains unheard
Among the dumb
Perfidious deeds conflate into demise
Among the blind
Obvious transgressions - have no need to disguise
The one-eyed will be kings

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