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A Thousandth Part - text


The sands of time for humanity are running low
But still everyone tries to get the best place for the show
Little do they know, that the clock is ticking faster
Just a wink away - from a rhapsodic dance - of disaster

On the rays of nemesis they hail the dawn of an erupting sun

Incandescent, there she lays, the beauty of extinction
A moment so cruel, so real, no melancholic fiction
A ticking time bomb encased by plushy promises
You better realize or consider your last wish

On the waves of indifference they sail towards a deep abyss

Thousand ways to die - Blood runs from altars of madness
Thousand bloody lies from a false profession of greed
Thousand weary sighs - Tears become a sea of sadness
Thousand stupid lies - Born from a mendacious vow of fear

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