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I am a lawbreaker, chancetaker, son of a swords-maker
Captured at last by the men I swore to serve
Kneel for me, steal for me, work out a deal for me
Finally punished, I get what I deserve
Imagine all that I could have done
Imagine freedom for me and jail for my only son
Punch and twist Godric Hammerfist
They are here to watch you die
Enter the ring
the audience sing
You're a slave to the will of Astraals King
Punch and twist Godric Hammerfist
Be a warrior, face the cheers
Lost and defeated,
Fragile and beaten
A fist from the ground appears
I am a plain walker, smooth talker, friend to the moon barker
Starving alone, in my godforsaken cell
Trust in me, thrust in me, wake up the lust in me
Jump in the pit and you're welcome to my hell

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