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The Illusionist - text


For once in your life, forget the faithless.
Reach for the dreams that you’re chasing and take them.
I’m running from reality, because I’ve had it so easy.
All that I’ve needed has been given to me but now it’s gone.
And my existence needs meaning.
I just don’t want to spend the rest of my life avoiding death,
the rest of my life knowing nothing is left.
You’ll find me sifting through the lies.
Sifting through misguided thoughts of my false accomplishments.
And I’ll slave for the rest of my days,
until I get the life I so desperately crave.
At the end of a life, all we ever do is reach for the sky.
We beg for the chance to fix our scars, but we’re no more alive than the stars.
I’ll find the strength to run away from the laws of light.
Those dark eyes, white lies, are much better off in our minds.
This is the world with its fragile frame.
You’ll try, oh you’ll try to break free from the shame of your failure.
The only failure you have in your life is that you didn’t try.
You didn’t try at all.
How can you not see the clouds up above me are making it hard to breathe.
There’s nothing but silence, as we look to the stars.
There is no picture perfect life, no chance in a world where we kill to survive.
There is no picture perfect life, just the brush strokes of hope for a world where we kill to survive.
This isn’t a fucking game, you told me ‘lie down’, ‘quit now’, just to save yourself some face.
That’s fine, throw away your precious life.
You let your dreams die, but I’m living mine.
And if the world gave you nothing.
Would you live for yourself?

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