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I believe in a sense that less is more
The failings of my past will at last,
light the path that I will always be true to.
Don't be afraid to take my outstretched hand and walk with me
Promise you'll follow me through this
Another failure, another second chance
Don't be content in your misery
If you're in a state of mind, you think you can't survive
Another chance is another gone
No closer to fleeing from this state of misery
Breathe in a new day and look around you
Wake up from this dream these walls are closing in
A second chance to start again
Trust that I really did mean to fix this
if you didn't say no
With every closing door, light shines from another
I would have tried and strived just for us to survive
But one fatal lie will tear us apart
Of all things a lie will be the end of us
(You're never there, when I needed you most)
Oh how those cards have changed
I'm ready to abuse the fucking power
Let's get this straight
You never meant a thing to me
You've had your chances, but you crossed the line
Don't even think for a second, you'll ever cross my mind
You've had your chances, but you crossed me one too many times
Fuck it, this is goodbye
You are the best thing that never happened to me

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Storm The Sky (EP)

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