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State Of The Heart - text


There are voices by my pillow
They remind me when to rise
And they tell me if my morning's
Under gray or sunny skies
And then they dedicate a record
"Our Love Will Never Die"
By a group that's been disbanded
Though it's seldom mentioned why
But they say that there's a chip in every part
Of the state of the heart

Answering an ancient invitation
When's the proper time for us to go?
Turning from our separate destinations
Now we say goodbye
And now we say hello

But there are signs out on the highway
Writing on the walls
Hungry eyes in doorways
Where the drifting dreamer falls
And we can watch it on our TV's
There's a dish out on the lawn
And we wonder where the valley
Of reality has gone
When they say they've got a tape on every part
Of the state of the heart

And I read about this city
The street are paved with gold
And the Spirit lives forever
And a body can't grow old
And though they say the gate is narrow
And the path is straight and true
I know it's made for lovers
'Cause I've seen what Love can do
And I know that when we die we never part
From the State of the Heart

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