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Meanings Will Change - text


Meanings will change as you learn to grow
And all that is known becomes suddenly old
And that which you had to last you 'til the end
Turns out to be just a passing friend
And would you spend your life away
Collecting great treasures
So you'd be safe someday?
And when you're old, and when you're gray
Meanings will change, life's just that way
When you're finally sure
You think you understand
All about living and life's demands
Someone will touch you and you'll see again
Meanings will change, you just can't win

So don't you worry 'bout your money, friend
Don't you worry 'bout your fame
It's all a conspiracy, all part of a game
And you're the conspirator, the silent enemy
And you're the victim, you finally see
After you get to where you have to be
And after you own everything you see
When meanings don't change
About the things you knew
You might as well die, it's all over for you
If you're wise and if you know
What few things are real which never grow old
Then take them now and make you a start
With a simple life and a simple heart

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