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Hey Sad Sack
I understand you got your troubles back
I guess you knew just what to look for
I mean I never would have recognized them
If they'd come around my door
Down in the mouth
I heard you say your good times just flew south
Isn't it amazing how they seem to come and go?
You know I think it comes from reaping more
Than you can sow
But isn't it strange
The the flowers change and rearrange
While clouds of gray all look the same?
It's hard to feel the sun shine
When you're waiting for the rain
It's hard to see the love around
When you're looking for the pain
Oh poor forlorn again
Ain't you heard the word about being born again?
You always greet the good news with a frown
What a shame
The news is up and you are such a down
Up in the air
I bet you never meant to leave it there
All you ever wanted was an answer to your poem
Well, if you're looking for the happy ending
There's only one way home

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