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Silkworm Confessions - text


Last night was a bummer, can't remember it at all
Stoned and dethroned I was falling down the hole
Loaded I hit the road to reach the point of no return

Gather the stones
Hunted from up above
Saved by the ones below

Angels on my shoulders took me higher to the space
Sweating, pirouetting, vanishing without a trace
Knowledge from the stone age 'till these years have lifted me up

I flew like runaway rocket, I spun like lost acrobat
Torn from all I have I had to choose from very start
Caught in endless trip I kissed the lips of every god

Harvest of souls
Rising from down below
Now you're The One Who Knows

Oh rip The Harvest on your own
You're reaching the secrets of life
As you feel the water crawls

Oh rip The Harvest on your own
You're playing with the essence of being
As you feel the water crawls

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The Harvest

Stoned Jesus texty

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