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Light Entertainment (Good Old Times) - text

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The great show is here tonight, such has none seen before
People are gathered around, the first act begins
Conjurer takes his top hat and whispers magic words
A white rabbit jumps out of there, the audience is getting bored
But to audience´s pleasure the rabbit´s eyes are bleeding
And it has a pig´s snout, atrophic paws
Blinded by the success he asks for a volunteer
To join the famous saw trick, but now a little changed
Rejoising is at it´s best when the conjurer saws
The beautiful and smiling lady into three pieces
So fun - light entertainment, after a hard working day
Enjoy - this is really something
The audience sits excited and quiet
The conjurer performs his last number
He takes a big gun, puts it into his own mouth
Pulls the trigger, applause never seems to end
The next artist is a nigger clown dressed in a monkey suit
Laughter is loud when he tells nigger jokes with his mouth full of banana
And now comes the highlight of the show
A living hunchback russian is to be stoned
And the audience can join the act
Everytime you hit the man he cries russian
So fun - light entertainment, after a hard working day
Enjoy - this was really something
Everybody´s going back home smiling
Children´s faces covered with chocolate ice cream
Mommy and daddy have a good reason
To be happy again
Happy again!

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