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An old forgotten railroad
In which time has left its marks
Never imagined I'd use these tracks again
They took me here
Back to the place they call my home
But this is just another stop like the ones before
Home is love, home is peace, I can't get the feeling here
Home is light, home is warmth, it doesn't feel the same anymore
Here it's cold, faceless love, comforting my aching heart
Strange home, odd view, will I find what I'm looking for
Nothing keeps me here, prisoner by own will
Everything I have but no home
Where is the place where I could see
Hope in the horizon, better and brighter times to come
(Lead: Roope)
Grief is the word to express my feelings right now
I can't connect this place with memories
So much has happened
Though so little has changed
Is this the road to Heaven
Or is this the road to Hell
(Lead: Nirri)
I'm still seeking for my home

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