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Respect to the rose
And how the holly berry grows
The truth should be exposed
´Bout Sensimilla
The shade of green I can´t
The scent of pollen on the tree
brings me clarity
It´s a thing of beauty

sending me love
Sending me up

You give me some paper for
my words
Some herb for my tea
Some clothes to cover me at night
You´re medicinal so much, so
much, so much more
Than we´re allowed to test or try
They´ll charge taxes for tobacco
Alcohol as well
They won´t put you on the shelves
Where´s the sense in that and why
For the healing of the nation
There´s just no good explanation
for this pitiful objection
What kind of a reflection does
that have on the intelligence
of man
I fail to understand

sending me love
Sending me up

Now are you sitting comfortably
If you´d like to grow your own
Sensimilla this is what you do

Plant a little seed and grow it
When it get ripe you reap it
Pop it on a line and dry it
Chuck it in a fruit bowl and
share it
Bake it in a cake and eat it
There´s no other plant can
beat it
Respect to collie don´t joke with
Make a cuppa tea and drink it

sending me love
Sending me up

Yes I´m a ganja planta
looking for my ganja farm
Deep down in the earth let me
put me ganja
Babylon commin´to get cha
Give me a roll...

Text přidala LucyKing

Video přidala LucyKing

Water For Your Soul

Joss Stone texty

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