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The Voices - text

What’s all this blood, why is it on my hands ?
I can’t recall when it all began
What did I do? Was it really me ?
Is this for real or just some twisted fantasy ?

The voices made me do it, I’m not to blame at all
They wouldn’t stop, I had to go with it and take the fall
Until I did, they would not let me be
The voices me do it, the voices stole away my sanity

From this ordeal there is no waking up
I’m on my knees, praying for it to stop
I must submit, give in to their demands
Even if that means more blood on my hands

The voices..

These evil thoughts reside in me
bending my will, distorting my reality
There’s no escape, no hiding away
No point in trying to delay my fate

Down I descend, where demons dwell
No place is worse than deep within my private Hell
That dreadful sound of whispered screams
rings through my brain, a terrifying symphony !

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