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Beyond the Grave - text

Funeral by the sea
Grey skies looming above
She’ll no longer laugh or weep
Her dreams torn to pieces
New lives blossomed in the distance
while hers turned to dust
She said “We’ll meet again”, but I knew, I know.

There ain’t no love beyond the grave, just darkness
When the fire is out, the candle useless

With a foot across the threshold
she prepares to leave this world
Fiercely staring in denial
of her disappearing hope
Her existence come full-circle
though she doesn’t know it yet
Her mind clinging to a delusion
while I know..

There ain’t..

Clouds are gathering 'round in mourning
as I hold her lifeless gaze
and I dread the grief and sorrow
that her absence will create
As she fades into oblivion
I recall her final words
She said “True love never dies”
but I know..

There ain’t..

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