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"My True Story" FREESTYLE - text


I mean, this shit right here is some real shit, man, from the heart

Both brothers in the prison, my mama always cryin'
Actin' like she happy, but I know that she lyin'
And now I can't front, it's hurtin' me bad
We got the same blood, we the same thugs
They kill a nigga for me, I do the same for them
And now all they got is a memory of them
Who is your friend in this world? Nobody
It's why I'm always strapped up ready to catch a body
Imma tell you how the game go everybody out there for theyself
It's a fucked up world, this a cold world
Your best friend will tryna fuck your main girl
That's the truth, nigga, I keep it a hundred
And for the drug game I keep comin' back
I told myself that I would stop sellin' that crack
But the money keep callin'
The money keep callin'
I wanna keep ballin'
Why do I hate police so much?
Cause all these officers corrupt
They wanna put Stitches in the cell
Cause I'm doin' real well
Cause I'm doin' real good
Cause I'm throwin' straight hundreds
Ballin' on everybody
They used to say I wasn't shit but now everybody want a picture with me
The table turned quick
And I don't give a fuck about y'all cause I'm the shit, motherfucker
I'm a legend in the streets
I got goons around me
And they'll kill everytime I tell them niggas "Kill" cause they never hesitate, my nigga
My nigga, I'm a shot caller
My nigga, I'm a big baller
Knock a nigga out like Tyson
Shoot a nigga if the nigga ain't with fightin'
Everybody wanna be the hardest nigga
But lemme tell you something, I'm a cold-hearted nigga
I pull the trigger, no hesitation
And if you wanna pray to God, just know that I'm God's greatest creation
Motherfuckers wanna envy me
Cause I'm the real MVP
Twenty years old, I'm a millionaire
I'm always throwin' money in the fuckin' air

Real motherfuckin' talk
These motherfuckers out here is fairy tales
These rappers ain't real
They don't do shit they say in their songs
They ain't livin' that life
Y'all ain't been ballin', bruh
We know the truth
Real street niggas out here
We do our research on y'all

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