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I send it; you receive it
I send it; you receive it

[Hook x2]
I love the smell of them bricks
They whiter than some mayo
And I can send 'em to your house through the mail
This is drug dealin' music

[Verse 1: Stitches]
I'm A-1, so is my coke
Stitches get it right off a boat
I'm swagged out, every day and night
I like to shoot my gun cause I don't like to fight
I say run up on me, I'm ready
Gun up in your face and steady
I'm the life of the party, bitch
But I ain't talkin' confetti
I got bricks, bricks, bricks
Pounds of that molly
I'm a drug dealer
And I'll tell anybody
I take pride up in that shit
I don't really give a shit
And I shoot my gun real quick
If we talkin' about them bricks

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: ???]
I'm so cokarific
So don't get that pretty boy shit twisted
Got that big stick for them fuck niggas, that squadron too deep
77191164 them streets
Chop 'em down, pack 'em up, my gold ring Versace
Hater blocker by Gucci, pop that coochie like "Tip Drill"
Dope boy, pop me one, four 28's, sendin' weight
112 on two 6 extensions, them bricks

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Stitches]
You want a whole ki? That's a piece of cake
Numbers of grams, a thousand and eight
Met a brick in 2008
I'm only 18, do the math, mane
I keep flippin'
And I won't stop it
Fuck DEA
They tryna take my profit, they some fuckboys
If you got a badge on, you a bitch, bruh bruh
I never snitch, bruh bruh
Only thing I'm ever gon' trust
Is my AK-47 bruh
Rest in peace to a hater
I saw your statement on that paper
I hope your girl ain't got no plans
To see your ass later

[Hook x2]

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No Snitching Is My Statement

Stitches texty

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