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Fuck yo boyfriend, I don't want yo number
Fuck yo boyfriend, I don't want yo number
Fuck yo boyfriend, I don't want yo number
I'm just tryna cut, baby I don't want yo number [2x]

Yo number really ain't important
Shut your mouth, baby, just hop up in my foreign
Instead of champagne, syrup I’m pouring
Everyday in my life is like I'm tourin'
New cars, new clothes, new hoes
Properties in different area codes
They said that I couldn't blow
I came up sellin' that blow
I'm a person you wanna know
Fuck being local, I'm tryna go global
[??] young [??]
Pullin' yo girl's tongue, [??] lyrics to my song
This is my life, and I ain't gon' stop
The only way out: get shot like 'Pac

I can save yo number in my throwaway
When I'm done with you, baby use the throwaway
Don't mean to be rude, but baby, you gotta go
Now I'm on to the next ho'
I got a cuban link chain and a bracelet
I'm a G 'til I die, can you face it?
I heard yo main ho' got a facelift
Ha! Ha! Ha! God damn, that's some shit
I ain't tryna be no comedian (I ain't)
But yo man look skinny, is you feedin' him? (Nah!)
Well, all my bitches cook for me
Marry you? Bitch, I rather marry me a ki

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