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Dark Sewage Star - text


Deep in the sewer on water I lie
Mud ‘round my body the heat of my world
Satan the father draws a cross of light on the wall
The Sewage Disposal Lord calls from afar with a hellish voice

I sink my fingers into the floor of this vaulted hall
I find teeth and bones of those long dead
It is I who killed them, his majesty Lord of the Manhole Lids
Their flesh and blood fell right into Lord Satan’s Throat

I remember the times when we fought against the Waterworks
It’s glory as dead now as Mr. Jesus Christ himself
We created this waste world obscure to many
Where waters rush propelled by holy grey mire

I sailed through this dungeon and reached a place beneath an immensely deep shaft
The cover is lifted, I gaze through the open stave into night skies
I see a cold light, a star, ‘tis an omen
I must rise from the waters and climb up the pit

Dark sewage star – Blood of God pours down the drain
Dark sewage star – A manhole lid ablaze in the sky
Dark sewage star – A cosmic sign of waters foul
I invoke it every night when I ascend to the city’s surface

Emgancatus The Sewage Disposal Lady
Instead of a holy cross
She firmly grasps and iron sceptre

My dark throne is cast in cast-iron
From the bosom of raging sewage waters
Shadows of flames and visions reflect
From these shapes on moisty walls I read words of power

Images are changing fast as humans and their world
I search for hidden meanings in sentences of evil
Satan, Satan everywhere with his reign over himself
Fighting against those who spawned him in their minds

Dark sewage star...

A manhole lid rises in the sky, now even in the midst of a day
Most goluptious shadows it casts through it’s vents
And every night and every day one more lid shall appear
Till the time they all fall to earth
And kill even Satan

The sewage kingdom shall be roofed from above the ground
All of the waters either rusty or slurry
Blood shall rain and pour amidst the bricks
And there it shall nourish it’s death again

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