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Why not feed the people everywhere
And let the peace begin?
Turn your swords to ploughshares everywhere
And feed the people
When they borrow in third world countries people need to be fed
So explain this to politicians while we send them guns instead
Of the seeds that they're planting in the ground
Making their own way
Self sufficient without permission from the good old usa
But it seems they owe us a lot of money
And do you know what for?
Cause the friends of senator arrogant made a killing on this civil war
It is hard to raise an army when your children are all fed
They got no motivation for making other people dead
Even with governmentt persuasion of the most compelling kind
Give them a choice they'll be looking at you as if you'd lost your mind
But then all of this craziness
It will not go away
Till we stop feeding hatred with embargoes and blockades
Why take the time to worry
About anybody else?
Maybe talk about them
Wonder how they felt
Caught in the cross fire of someone else's fight
What is wrong?
Nobody's right
All religions and ideologies
Suffer from the truth
Until lies become reality
When the people start to shoot
Got a whole lot to answer for
But who are we to judge?
Common sense and enough to eat
Can settle any grudge
When the kindness of strangers
It means no disrespect
Being honest with the help you give
Means there's nothing to expect

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