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The Road To Kingdom Come - text


Your family can't help you
They're standing in your way
Tight restrictions, contradictions
More rules every day
Hold you down, they hold you down
You've got to get away
London's calling, no more stalling
Sleeping in your own doorway

Never stop to reason
Never question why
The word's out there and they don't care
Still you're gonna try
Hold you down, they hold you down
They'd never let you go
And now you've been, at last you've seen
And now I think you know
That you've been...

Running down the road to kingdom come
(Wouldn't believe me)
Never gave a thought
To all the people
That you're running from
Running down the road to kingdom come
(Who'd've believed it)
And all the time you only want a home

Your countrymen are peasants
You hate to have them near
You just can't seem to realise
You've got nothing to fear
Hold them down, you'll hold them down
You'll keep them in their place
It's hard to find a land so blind
It turns on its own race
And you're still...


I wish to god
That someone here could help you
I wish someone could help you sort your fate
But you must do all the things you feel you have to
And when we realise it's too damn late

This world is too damn idle
It has to pay its way
Cut down the trees and clear the seas
Let's live for today
Hold it down, we'll hold it down
That preservation noise
Cause after all it won't be long
We'll hear nothing at all
And we're all.....

[Chorus repeat]

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