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The Night That The Wall Came Down - text


Maybe you remember, before the wall came down
How we hared one another from the other side of town
Now I'm an old man
And an old man can see
All that hate can leave you with
It's just photographs and no permanent past
And an ever growing rift

Back then it was easy to blame the other guy
You had it all so they built the wall and we were left to cry
And a young man
With a young man's haste
Will challenge every law
So he'll try to break out but there's never a doubt
That he is bound to fall
Then there's all the lies they tell you
And the lies you tell yourself
So you end up crying

The night that the wall came down
The night that the wall came down
The night that the bricks fell apart
And the wall came tumbling down

They said it would protect us, from evil from the west
How you'd sacrifice everything in the pursuit of personal wealth
But a mother
With a mother's tear
Sees her family torn apart
There are some by her side others still trapped inside
Only living in her heart
So what use, the lies they tell you
Or the lies you tell yourself
So you end up shouting


Oh, oh and don't let them tell you
The future holds no hope
Oh, oh, oh never let them beat you
Look forward, take control

[Verse 1 & M8 rpts]

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